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Discover the MA Series, the ultimate solution for effortless mercury analysis. With our advanced Direct Thermal Decomposition – Gold Amalgamation – Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (CVAAS) techniques, these analyzers accurately measure total mercury in any sample, be it solid, liquid, or gaseous.
Experience the convenience and reliability of the MA Series today.
Powered by the Discrete Direct Purge (DDP) Reducing Vaporization technique, RA series is especially useful for ultra trace level of mercury analysis in aqueous sample such as drinking water, seawater, river water, ground water, wastewater and more.
PE series is designed specifically for direct mercury measurement in liquid petroleum-based samples, such as crude oil, condensate, and naphtha, ensuring the mercury levels are below the permissible threshold to safeguard your plant’s structure and protect the well-being of your workers.
Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of the NIC PE-Series today.
WA series is specifically designed to tackle gaseous matrices with the technique of Dual-Gold Amalgamation and paired with NIC’s state-of-the-art CVAAS or CVAFS detector.
Experience cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance.
EMP Series is portable series in NIC. It enables real time, direct and on-site measurements of gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) in workplace ambient air, particularly useful in safeguarding occupational safety, health, and hygiene. It enables direct measurements of gaseous elemental mercury in natural gas, shale gas, and LPG sourced from Tedlar bags, among other applications.
With the SGM-Series, you can perform on-site measurements of mercury in stack gas. This advanced mercury CVAAS monitor enables real-time detection, ensuring prompt and accurate monitoring of gaseous mercury levels emitting from flue gases.
Discover the SGM-Series today.
AM Series is the cutting-edge Continuous Ambient Air Mercury Monitor by NIC. This series is dedicated for full automation for continuous measurement of mercury in ambient air, providing valuable insights into ambient air quality. Stay informed and take control of mercury levels in the atmosphere with the AM Series.
Discover the future of ambient air monitoring today.

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