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Producing world-class mercury analyzers through continuous innovation and dedication.

Mercury Analyzers

With over 40 years of expertise, NIC has mercury analyzer and direct mercury analyzer for most applications.

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Mercury Analyzers & Mercury Instruments

Industries & Application

Our mercury analyzers are accurate and highly reliable, providing precision measurement across a wide range of industrial applications.


Along with other naturally occurring minerals, mercury can be found in coal in varying concentrations, depending on the source. When combusting coal for energy, mercury is emitted with the flue gas into the atmosphere via its chimney or stack….Read More

Oil & Gas Exploration

Mercury is a naturally occurring element, present in virtually all oil and gas, regardless as raw materials or refined products. Mercury levels in crude oil and gas can vary widely….Read More

Waste Incinerators

If any wastes containing mercury are improperly disposed of with other wastes for incineration, mercury gas is released into our atmosphere in the incinerator flue gas, increasing mercury pollution in our environment.…. Read More


In ASGM activities, metallic mercury is mixed with ore containing traces of gold through the panning process, whole ore amalgamation in sluice boxes, and using ball-mills, trommels, or little rotating drums.….Read More

NIC's Story

40⁺ Years
of Know-How.

(NIC Mercury monitoring project near volcanic area by Koji Tanida at 1988)

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Minamata Convention

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is a treaty of an initiative to eliminate any mercury contamination globally and as promoted by the UN.

Mercury Instruments & Direct Mercury Analyzers

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Our sales and support team have the experience and expertise to ensure that you have the right instrument for your application. Reach out to us to find great deals on a wide selection of mercury analyzers.