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MA Series

MA-3 Solo Mercury Analyzer

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MA-3 Solo

Direct Mercury Analyzer

Compact, economical and portable

MA-3 Solo is designed with cost-effectiveness and portability in mind. Low cost of ownership to allows all analysts to experience the ease and benefits of thermal decomposition technique. For petroleum application, MA-3 Solo has obtained its accreditation under UOP-938-20 for the analysis of petroleum samples, including crude oil, condensate and naphtha.


Sludge  |  Sediment  |  Soil   Food   Hair  |  Blood  |  Urine  |  Ore  |  Coal  |  Plastics  |  Petroleum feeds  |  Petroleum distillates  |  Wastewater and more.


USEPA 7473  |  UOP 938-20  |  ASTM D 6722-19  |  ASTM D 7623-20  |  UOP 1009-15  ISO 15411

Method (With AQUA Kit)

USEPA 245.1, 245.2, 7470A  |  JIS K0102  |  APHA 3112 |  EN 1483

Method (With Gas Analysis Kit)

ASTM D 5954-98  ISO 6978  JLPGA-S-07


Affordable and robust design

MA-3 Solo is easy to use and comes with a manual twist and lock sample loading system. It is also portable and has a sturdy built quality.

MA-3 Solo Mercury Analyzer

Compact, lightweight, portable

MA-3 Solo is portable and has built-in ergonomic handles for easy carry and transport. It weighs just 13 kg and occupies a footprint as big as A3 size. It can run on any standard single-phase wall power grid, from 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz).


Intuitive operating software

MA-3 Solo runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system and provides a real-time graphical representation of the measurement status and continuous diagnostics. The software constantly monitors the critical parameters such as heater temperature, flow rates, valve, actuation, voltages & more. With constant monitoring, operation safety and troubleshooting are made easier and faster, minimizing downtime for users.

Advanced optics for superior sensitivity and stability

MA-3 Solo uses high-quality lamp source that gives steady emission at 253.7 nm. It does not compromise sensitivity and uses high-quality optical gratings to redirect the light source for superior sensitivity and stability.

Wide measurement range

MA-3 Solo comes with a wide measurement range of 0 to 10,000 ng with quick analysis times ranging from 5 to 12 minutes.

Lower operating cost

MA-3 Solo uses self-purified room air as the combustion and carrier gas, making it ideal for portable field operation or mobile laboratories.

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Reusable ceramic sample boats are easy to clean and compatible to use for both solid and liquid matrices, enabling any laboratory or field operation to easily perform mercury measurement.

For Trace Level of Aqueous Matrices

MA-3 Solo with AQUA Kit

For Gaseous Matrices

MA-3 Solo with Gas Analysis Kit

MA-3000 Mercury Analyzer


MA-3000 Direct Mercury Analyzer is designed for Quick & Easy mercury analysis, with minimized error and high accurate result.

Other Series

RA Series

A series of mercury analyzers using Reducing Vaporization – Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (CVAAS) technique with:

  • Superior detection limit
  • Minimum memory effect

PE Series

In full compliance with UOP-98-20, PE Series can fulfill all analysis requirements of liquid hydrocarbon samples.

WA Series

Mercury analyzer for ultra-trace level analysis in gaseous matrices. Featuring Dual Gold Amalgamation technique and various capacity options.

How does it work?

Aqueous samples such as tap water, drinking water, lake water, and river water usually contain low mercury levels, which can be difficult to quantify by Direct Thermal Decomposition. The optional attachment – AQUA Kit is made available to enable MA-3 Solo to measure sub-ppb detection levels with a higher volume sample (typically 20 mL).


Tap Water | Drinking Water | Lake Water | River Water


ASTM D 3223-17  EN-12338  ISO 12846

  • The sample tube in the impinger set is filled with the desired aqueous sample. Reducing agent SnCl2 and H2SO4 are added into the sample tube to convert all Hg2+ into Hg0.

Sn2+ + Hg2+ → Hg0 + Sn4+

  • Hg0 is purged from the sample solution and is trapped onto a mercury collector tube, N65.
  • This mercury collector tube is placed directly in MA-3 Solo to be analyzed directly by thermal decomposition, where Hgis further purified with gold amalgam and desorbed to transfer into the CVAAS detector for measurement.
  • The detection limit is capable down to sub part-per-billion (ppb) levels.

All mercury collector tubes used for AQUA kit sampling can be reused after direct analysis in MA-3 Solo.

How does it work?

The Gas Analysis Kit allows direct analysis of mercury collector tube used for Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) sampling.


Ambient air | LPG/LNG and other gaseous matrices


ASTM D 5954-98 (2014)e1  |  ISO 6978-2:2005  |  JLPGA-S-07 ISO 20552 Ministry Of Environment Japan (MOEJ) Manual method of measuring hazardous air pollutants

All mercury collector tubes used for sampling can be reused after direct analysis in MA-3 Solo.