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WA Series


Gaseous Mercury Analyzer

Ultra-sensitive, Cost-effective and Compact

WA-5F is a benchtop Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (CVAFS) mercury analyzer designed to measure Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) from ambient air and gaseous matrices such as natural gas, shale gas, LPG/LNG, etc. It uses the technique of Dual Gold Amalgamation – CVAFS, which is widely accepted by most established and regulatory methods like ASTM, ISO, and JIS.


Ambient air  |  Working environment air  |  Natural Gas  |  Shale Gas  |  LPG  | Other Gaseous matrices


ASTM D 6350-14  ISO 6978-2:2005  |  JLPGA-S-07 ISO 20552  USEPA IO-5


Dual-Gold Amalgamation for Ultra Trace Level Mercury Analysis

WA-series employs the Dual-Gold Amalgamation Technique to ensure excellent recovery of Mercury.
- 1st Gold Amalgamation step happens in the Mercury Collector Tube used for sampling.
- 2nd Gold Amalgamation step happens in the Mercury Collector tube integrated within the WA-5F system. It is also commonly known as Analytical Trap in other official methods.
All Mercury analytes go through dual gold amalgamation steps, efficiently eliminating any possible interference.

Compact & Lightweight

WA-5F has a dimension of W230 × D460× H390 mm and weighs 13 kg, which is compact for most laboratories. Thus, making it convenient to bring WA-5F field operations.

Superior Detection Limit and Sensitivity – 0.1 pg and Better

WA-5F is equipped with an ultra-sensitive CVAFS detector, and it can achieve a detection limit down to less than 0.1 pg.
This extremely selective and sensitive detector is the best choice for ultra-trace measurements in the parts-per-trillion and sub-parts-per-trillions (ppt) levels of applications.
Using purified Argon as the carrier gas, the CVASF detector is stable and clean, making ultra-trace level of mercury analysis easy.

Lower Operation Cost – Low Gas Consumption & Reusable Mercury Collector (Sampling) Tube

Low Consumption of Argon Gas

Purified Argon gas is mandatory for CVAFS operation. WA-5F has its self-purified room air as a carrier gas source to purge and transfer Mercury between the amalgam tubes and purification processes. Argon gas is only used during the detection sequence. This significantly reduces the consumption and operation cost comparing to other commercial AFS system. It is an added benefit and convenience of employing WA-5F for TGM measurement from gaseous matrices, either in the laboratory or in the field.

NIC Mercury Collector Tube

Superior Durability Mercury Collector Tube

All NIC mercury collector tubes are reusable right after the measurement.

The gold-coated sands used in NIC Mercury Collector Tubes are synthesized and produced in-house with proprietary technology of more than 40 years.

  • Proven robust and long-lasting.
    The choice of gold-compound and coating offer strong affinity and selectivity towards Mercury and its resistance toward acid gas and heat, hence resulting in durability and reliability.
  • Convenient & Secure
    All NIC Mercury Collector Tubes come with a glass container with a  stopper for convenient, clean and secure transport when it comes to field sampling, avoiding any cross-contamination.

High Productivity & Versatile – Multi Choices of Autosampler

WA-5F is highly versatile, where it can be used as a standalone unit or operated with different autosampler options.

For Direct Analysis of Mercury CollectorTube


Standalone Unit

For Sample Introduction via Tedlar Bag

WA-5A with Tedlar Bag

WA-5F with Gas Volume Meter for Direct Tedlar Bag Sampling

For High Throughput Sample Introduction


WA-5F with Automated Gas Tube Desorption Autosampler, TC-WA

For Direct Analysis of Pressurized Sample

WA-5A with LP-WA – Heated Vaporizer for LPG Cylinder

WA-5F with Liquefied Vaporizer, LP-WA

For Direct Analysis of Pressurized Sample


WA-5 with S-MA


WA-Series is equipped with all necessary functions, easy to use and highly accurate for mercury measurement in gaseous matrices.

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Other Series

MA Series

A state-of-the-art Direct Mercury Analyzer

  • No sample digestion needed
  • Fast analysis time
  • Highly accurate
  • Solid , liquid, gaseous matrices

PE Series

In full compliance with UOP-98-20, PE Series can fulfill all analysis requirements of liquid hydrocarbon samples.

WA Series

Mercury analyzer for ultra-trace level analysis in gaseous matrices. Featuring Dual Gold Amalgamation technique and various capacity options.


How does it work?

Standalone unit of WA-5F allows direct analysis of Mercury Collector Tube or direct injection via a gas-tight syringe.


Ambient air  LPG  LNG  Natural Gas  | Any Gaseous Matrices


Direct Analysis of Mercury Collector Tube

Mercury collected on Mercury Collector Tube can be transferred into WA-5F for direct analysis.

  • NIC N160 Mercury Collector Tube  is used for sampling purposes.
  • The Mercury Collector Tube is inserted into WA-5F, where desorption occurs to release all trapped elemental mercury.
  • The analytes are further purified and concentrated at the 2nd Mercury Collector Tube (Also known as Analytical Trap) within the WA-5F, performing Dual-Gold Amalgamation to enhance mercury measurement recovery and sensitivity.

Direct Injection via a Gast-tight Syringe

Alternatively, for gas samples with high Mercury concentration, smaller sample volumes can be extracted by gas-tight syringe to inject into WA-5F for direct analysis.

WA-5A with Tedlar Bag

How does it work?

By using the combination of WA-5F with a Gas Volume Meter with digital volume recording and feedback, it allows direct analysis of Mercury from gaseous matrices such as Hydrocarbon Gases contained in the Tedlar bag. 

Automation of direct analysis from Tedlar bag helps to reduce one step in the process. The sampling of Mercury is automated within the WA-5F. The automation is convenient and helps to reduce error from human handling


LPG  LNG  Shale Gas  Hydrocarbon Gas|   Hydrogen Gas  Any Gaseous matrices

  • Tedlar bag containing gaseous sample is connected directly into the inlet of WA-5F.

  • Desired sampling times and repeat analysis can be preset in the software, allowing unattended operation, unlike manual sampling and tube analysis.
  • 1st Gold Amalgamation
    The sample gas is drawn out from the Tedlar bag under a controlled flow rate, passing through the Mercury Collector (Sampling) Tube. 
  • 2nd Gold Amalgamation
    The 1st Mercury Collector Tube is heated to liberate and transfer the Mercury to the 2nd Mercury Collector Tube for further purification, removing all possible interference.
  • Finally, the 2nd Mercury Collector Tube, mercury is desorbed where the pure elemental mercury gas is transferred by argon carrier into CVAFS for measurement.

  • If repeat analysis is preset in the sequence, WA-5F resumes the sampling from Tedlar bag again.

How does it work?

TC-WA is a Mercury Collector Tube Desorption unit where up to 30 tubes can be loaded at a time. Operating with WA-5F, it automates the entire process of thermal tube desorption – gold amalgamation – CVAFS without any operator intervention.


Ambient air  Shale Gas  Hydrocarbon Gas  LPG  LNG  Natural Gas  Hydrogen Gas  Any Gaseous Matrices

  • Back to the laboratory, simply set each Mercury Collector (Sampling) Tube with the holder to load into the TC-WA autosampler tray.

  • Once all the tubes are loaded into positions in TCWA, close the sliding cover. TC-WA has an integrated room air purifying filter to self-generate clean air, creating a slight positive flow, preventing external environmental air from cross-contaminating to the tubes queueing for analysis.

  • Set up the analysis sequence in WA-5F software before starting the analysis.

  • TC-WA performs desorption on the mercury collector (sampling) tube, transferring the Mercury to the 2nd Mercury Collector Tube in WA-5F for further purification, removing all possible interference.

  • The 2nd Mercury Collector Tube is heated to release the pure elemental Mercury transported by argon carrier into CVAFS detector for measurement.

  • TC-WA moves to desorb the next tube.

  • If repeat analysis is preset in the sequence, WA-5F resumes the sampling from LP-WA.
WA-5A with LP-WA – Heated Vaporizer for LPG Cylinder

How does it work?

In the petroleum industry, hydrocarbon gases are usually collected and transported in compressed gas cylinders for safety. Gaseous samples can either be contained as in compressed gas or liquefied. 

WA-5F + LP-WA with a Gas Volume Meter with digital volume recording and feedback configuration allows direct sampling and analysis of Mercury from a compressed cylinder. 


LPG  LNG  Natural Gas  Shale Gas  Hydrocarbon Gas  Hydrogen Gas

LP-WA is a liquefied vaporizer for any compressed liquefied or gas sample from a high-pressure gas cylinder. It serves as a pressure let-down system, which allows compressed LPG/LNG or gas to be depressurized and vaporized gradually to a controlled and constant flowrate before entering WA-5F.

Material used in LP-WA is either silica-coated or inert, minimizing any mercury retention.

  • Desired sampling times and repeat analysis can be preset in the software allowing unattended operation.

  • LP-WA depressurizes and vaporizes LPG/LNG and gas gradually to a constant flowrate.

  • 1st Gold Amalgamation
    Sample gas from LP-WA passes through the 1st Mercury Collector Tube in WA-5F, Mercury is selectively trapped and concentrated, venting out the rest of the hydrocarbon matrices.

  • 2nd Gold Amalgam
    The 1st Mercury Collector Tube is heated to liberate and transfer the Mercury to the 2nd Mercury Collector Tube for further purification, removing all possible interference.
  • Finally, the 2nd Mercury Collector Tube is desorbed where the pure elemental Mercury is transported by argon carrier into CVAFS detector for measurement.

How Does It Work?

Water serves many purposes in the petroleum process, including but not limited to cooling high-temperature process operations, equipment washing, steam generation, unit hydro tests, and last but not least, fire-fighting.

S-MA is an impinger set option to allow reducing vaporization application with WA-5, enriching the mercury by gold amalgamation, and later measuring by Cold-Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (CVAAS) or Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (CVAFS).

Aqueous samples from the process may be contaminated with mercury, which must be checked before discharge as waste or re-cycle into the process. The AQUA Kit is made available and has the sensitivity to measure sub-ppb detection levels with a higher volume sample (typically 20mL).


Boiler & Process Water  Effluent Water  | River water  | Drinking Water  |  Seawater | Others

Methods (AAS – with enrichment)

ISO 12846 |  EN-12338

Methods (AFS – with enrichment)

USEPA 1631e  |  ISO 17852 

The AQUA Kit is a manual setup of Reducing Vaporization Technique using an impinger set.

  • Reminder: To analyze Total Mercury content, the aqueous samples need to be acid-digested before Reducing Vaporization in the Aqua Impinger unit can take place
  • The sample tube is filled with the desired aqueous sample. Reducing agent SnCl2and H2SO4 are added into the sample tube to convert all Hg²⁺ into Hg⁰.

Sn²⁺+ Hg²⁺→Hg⁰+ Sn⁴⁺

  • Hg⁰ is purged from the sample solution and directed to a mercury collector tube located within the WA-5, where all the elemental mercury will be concentrated by gold amalgamation.
  • This mercury collector tube is heated and the Hg⁰ is transferred by carrier air for WA-5A or Argon for WA-5F into its respective detector (AAS or AFS) for measurement.
  • Detection is capable down to the low and sub-parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels.


To measure Total Mercury from an aqueous sample, the sample must be digested chemically to break down organic mercury before reducing vaporization. Without the appropriate sample digestion, only the Hg²⁺ and Hg⁰ can be measured in this technique.

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