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EMP Series

EMP Mercury Analyzer


Field-Portable Mercury Analyzer

Highly sensitive, accurate and compact

EMP-Gold+ is an Ultra-High Sensitive, Field-Portable Mercury Survey Meter that is designed for on-site measurement of Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) where measuring matrices may interfere with the measurement and/or the mercury concentrations in the ultra-trace of ng/m3 levels.

In principle, the EMP-Gold+ can be operated in two different modes: 

  • Gold Amalgam mode – For trace level mercury survey meter
  • Direct Survey mode – As a direct real-time mercury survey meter EMP-3


Gold-Amalgam Mode

  • Ambient Air | Soil Gas

Direct Mode

  • Workplace Air measurement for occupational safety | Mercury in Natural gas, Shale gas, and LPG from Tedlar bag

How Does It Work

Fundamentally, both measuring concepts of EMP-3 and EMP-Gold+ are the same as it uses the same detector – CVAAS built within EMP-3. (Click Here for more information about EMP-3).

EMP-Gold+ has another enhancement – the Gold Amalgamator. It is used to concentrate further and purify mercury analytes using the principle of amalgamation between gold and mercury.  


All operating functions are managed from the touchscreen of EMP-3. User setup the desired sampling time. 


When sample gas is drawn into EMP-Gold+, Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) is trapped onto the Mercury Collector Tube in the Gold Amalgamator unit. Only mercury is trapped and concentrated with gold as amalgam since it is highly selective only towards mercury. All other background interferences have no reaction and are rejected.


Subsequently, the Mercury Collector Tube is heated up to the temperature, releasing the purified mercury vapor into the CVAAS detector in EMP-3 for measurement.

The entire process (Gold Amalgamator unit and detector) is powered by battery.


Fully Functional & Accurate CVAAS Mercury Survey Meter

Although EMP-Series is field-portable, there is no compromise on its measurement technology and accuracy for its portability. EMP-Gold+ is equipped with a non-dispersive double-beam cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry (CVAAS) detector for mercury measurement. All gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) that is drawn into EMP-3 is measured by the absorbance at wavelength 253.7 nm.

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In some remote areas, site access and facilities are not always easily available. Traditionally, only field mercury sampling is possible, either by passive or active sampling. The sample is then sent back to the laboratory for further analysis which incurs a long turnaround time. If the result is not desirable, the whole process must be repeated. With EMP-Gold+, GEM results can be readily obtained at each sampling on-site, allowing the decision to repeat for more samples or move on to the next site.

EMP Gold+ Mercury Analyzer

Ultra-High Sensitivity – LOQ of 7 pg

As EMP-Gold+ is equipped with a Gold Amalgamator unit, during sampling, it selectively traps gaseous mercury and eliminates all other interfering compounds such as aromatics and sulfur compounds. By eliminating the interfering compounds, only gaseous mercury is purified and concentrated, enabling the CVAAS in EMP-3 to achieve such a superior detection limit in a field-portable mercury survey meter.

This technique enhances the detection level down to as low as 7 pg which is 2.3 ng/m3 within 10 minutes of sampling.

EMP Gold+ Mercury Analyzer

User-Friendly – Easy to Use Touchscreen Graphical User Interface (GUI)

EMP-Gold+ is equipped with a very user-friendly and responsive interface – 4.3’ LCD High-Resolution Color Touchscreen. All functional buttons are available on the same screen, allowing for easy field operation and enhancing every user’s experience. The LCD screen is also splash-proof.

Anyone can learn and operate EMP-Gold+ with ease!

EMP-3 Mercury Analyzer

Incredible Field-Portability – Lightweight, Compact & Convenient

Light-Weight & Compact

EMP-Gold+ weighs only 6.4 kg which includes the entire carrying case that consists of detector and gold amalgamator. It is designed with an ergonomic handle and a durable carrying case for transport in any weather conditions for field deployment and operation.


EMP-Gold+ comes with a rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for both the EMP-3 unit and the Gold Amalgamator Unit, respectively. This Ni-MH battery is safe, and IATA approved for transport either by air or sea.

Since EMP-Gold+ incorporates the EMP-3 detector, it has the flexibility and versatility to detach to operate as a standalone standard EMP-3 Mercury Survey Meter whenever applications require. Therefore, EMP-Gold+ when it is used as EMP-3 standalone survey meter, possesses the same features and performance as regular EMP-3. Highly versatile to meet field applications.

EMP-Gold+ Mercury Analyzer
Superior Detection Range – Up to 2000 ng/m3

EMP-Gold+ is equipped with the 3rd generation EMP-3. The ultra-sensitive Gold Amalgam Mode has an extended detection range of up to 2000 ng/m3

An operator can easily select Gold Amalgam Mode or Direct Survey Mode.

Gold Amalgam Mode

The gold amalgam mode pre-concentrates the mercury onto Mercury Collector Tube in the Gold Amalgamator unit, allowing it  to achieve limit of quantification down to 7pg or 2.3 ng/m3 with 10 minutes of sampling. It has an extended detection range of up to 2000 ng/m3.

Direct Survey Mode

Operation and detection range as per EMP-3 from 0.1 ug/m3 to 2,000 ug/m3

Such a wide detection range enables users to cover a broad range of applications, responding quickly to pressing situations, all manage within a single instrument.

Built-in GPS Function – Measurement with Peace of Mind

To conduct multiples measurements in the field, it is rather bothersome and inconvenient to take note of every location data to the measurement readings manually.
EMP-Gold+ is now equipped with a built-in GPS where every mercury measurement done will also record the set of coordinates of that measuring location simultaneously with the mercury reading. This function facilitates the handling and data management process easier and provide users with peace of mind.

Highly Versatile, Convertible – Multiple Solutions in A Single Platform

EMP-Gold+ is an EMP-3 with a Gold Amalgamator Unit Configuration for ultra-high sensitivity measurement.
Mercury vapor can be present in different concentration levels, depending on whether it is to detect mercury in ambient air background or contamination levels at polluted sites or sources. EMP-Gold+ can be configured and equipped with various options and accessories to suit the applications.

For On-site Measurement of Aqueous Matrices

EMP-Gold+ with AQUA Kit


AQUA Kit is made available to enable EMP-Gold+ to perform sub-ppb detection levels aqueous matrices mercury measurement on-site. 

For Soil Gas Measurement

EMP-Gold+ with N-Packer

EMP-Gold+ with Soil Gas Accessories

The N-Packer is a soil gas sampling kit for mercury flux measurement in EMP-Gold+ used for geo-thermal investigation and studies.

For On-site High Concentration Measurement

EMP-3 with Hi-Lutor

EMP-3 Mercury Analyzer

EMP-3 meter of EMP-Gold+ can be easily detached to use as a survey meter for regular workplace hygiene mercury measurements where sensitivity is no longer a priority and interference is insignificant. The Hi-Lutor option can be installed if higher levels of mercury measurement application are required.

SGM-9 Field Portable Mercury Analyzer


SGM series specializes on-site mercury measurement from stack gas, flue gas.

Other Series

MA Series

A state-of-the-art Direct Mercury Analyzer

  • No sample digestion needed
  • Fast analysis time
  • Highly accurate
  • Solid , liquid, gaseous matrices

PE Series

In full compliance with UOP-98-20, PE Series can fulfill all analysis requirements of liquid hydrocarbon samples.

WA Series

Mercury analyzer for ultra-trace level analysis in gaseous matrices. Featuring Dual Gold Amalgamation technique and various capacity options.

EMP-Gold+ with AQUA Kit

How does it work?


Especially suitable for clean aqueous sample of trace level like river water, seawater, underground springs, drinking water and more.


AQUA Mode: USEPA 245.1, 245.2, 245.5, 7470A, 7471B  EN-1483  ASTM D 3223-17  APHA 3112  JIS K0102 | ISO 12846 and more

AQUA with Gold Amalgam: EN-12338 | ISO 12846

  • Sample tube is filled with desired aqueous sample.
  • Reducing agent SnCl2 and H2SO4 are added into sample tube to convert all Hg2+ into Hg0.
  • Choice to operate for with gold-amalgamation (Gold+ mode) or direct (EMP mode) CVAAS detection.

Sn2+ + Hg2+ -> Hg0 + Sn4+

  • In Gold+ mode, Hg0 is trapped onto Mercury Collector Tube in Gold Amalgamator unit.
  • The Mercury Collector Tube is then heated and released purified Hg0.
  • The purified Hg0 is transferred into CVAAS detector in EMP-3 for measurement, benefiting detection down to the low parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels.

Typical detection limits of AQUA Kit of EMP-Gold+

  • Without Gold Amalgam (EMP-Direct) LOD: 0.01ppb, LOQ: 0.02ppb
  • With Gold Amalgam LOD: 0.2ppt, LOQ: 0.6ppt

Note: To measure Total Mercury from aqueous sample, the sample must be digested chemically to break down organic mercury before reducing vaporization.

Without sample digestion, only the Hg2+ and Hg0 can be measured in this technique.

EMP-Gold+ with Soil Gas Accessories

How does it work?

Soil gas measurements are usually conducted to measure the level of contamination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) vaporizing from the ground. Since mercury is also volatile, soil gas measurement can be applied.


Most applications of mercury in soil gas measurement is found to use in the investigation for Geothermal sources. Geothermal activity is related to mercury flux concentration level, therefore soil gas measurement is a good representation.

  • N-Packer is set to the target ground area. Soil materials are set and packed around the circumference of the packer to create the seal. Set the digital thermometer in the chamber headspace – ensure it does not contact with the soil level.
  • Connect the Sample IN and Sample OUT tubing to the N-Packer from EMP-Gold+. Sample OUT tubing re-supplies filtered mercury-free air back into the N-Packer chamber, keep pressure equilibrium and to avoid excess air from outside to affect the measurement. 
  • Set the sampling time and sequence to begin the automated and repeating measurements.