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AM Series

Mercury Analysis

Top 3 Advantages of Discrete Direct Purge Technique

AM-6F Mercury Analyzer


Fully Automated & Continuous Mercury Monitor

Highly sensitive, Precise, Robust

AM-6F is a Fully Automated, Continuous Mercury Monitor designed to measure gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) from ambient air accurately down to the sub nano-gram per cubic-meter level. The technique used is Direct Gold Amalgamation Sampling – CVAFS (Fluorescence technology) Detection.


Continuous Measurement of Mercury in Ambient Air and Gaseous Matrices.

All Control Within

All funtion of AM-6F are controlled by an embedded microprocessor.

All analysis parameters can be set via the rugged industrial LCD touch-screen display. Operation is fully automated once the analysis cycle is started.

AM-6F Mercury Analyzer

State-of-the-art Continuous Mercury Monitor - here is why:

Exceptionally Stable Ultra-Violet Excitation Source

Low-pressure mercury lamp is temperature-voltage self-regulated, generating a consistent UV light beam, allowing each atomic fluorescence measurements done with unmatched precision.

Exceptionally Stable Ultra-Violet Excitation Source

Precise & Intelligent
Flow Rate

Sample gas and Argon carrier gas flows are precisely controlled and intelligently managed by Mass Flow Controller (MFC) with the best efficiency to achieve maximum sensitivity and precision to each measurement.

Automation that includes calibration

Automation in AM-6F includes calibration.  AM-6F comes with a built-in mercury permeation source that allows user to preset periodic auto-calibration to check and auto-correct for any bias during unattended operation.

Standard calibration can also be done with the static saturated mercury vapor source, conveniently introduce with gas tight syringes into the Calibration – Injection Port.

Automation that includes calibration

Know Your Instrument Remotely

AM-6F can operate with an AM-6F PC WIN Software (Optional) that enables remote data transfer.

Data content includes Sampling start / end time, data type, calibration factor value, device blank value, sampling flow rate, total sampling amount, mercury amount, mercury concentration, average mercury concentration (1 hour) with data transfer day and time specified

Data transfer is available via email with Outgoing Server Settings confirmation required

NICares in AM-6F

NICares Save Energy

Ultra-saving in Argon carrier gas consumption, typically ~1,000 liter/month running 24/7.

Each 5-foot tall cylinder of Grade 4.8 Argon gas can generally last for up to 6 months

Minimize Argon gas cylinder replacement frequency; ideal usage and deployment for unattended continuous measurement in remote installations.

NICares Less Waste

AM-6F is designed for energy efficiency, running at a low 0.4kVA maximum power, reducing energy consumption and cost.

NICares Less Waste

AM-6F minimizes the environmental CO₂ emission impact.

WA-5A Gaseous Mercury Analyzer


WA-Series is equipped with all necessary functions, easy to use and highly accurate for mercury measurement in gaseous matrices.


Other Series

RA Series

A series of mercury analyzers using Reducing Vaporization – Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (CVAAS) technique with:

  • Superior detection limit
  • Minimum memory effect

PE Series

In full compliance with UOP-98-20, PE Series can fulfill all analysis requirements of liquid hydrocarbon samples.

WA Series

Mercury analyzer for ultra-trace level analysis in gaseous matrices. Featuring Dual Gold Amalgamation technique and various capacity options.