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IDEA R&D Laboratory Inaugurated in Bangkok: A New Era of Scientific Collaboration Begins

Outside of IDEA R&D Laboratory

On January 27th, the opening ceremony of IDEA R&D Laboratory took place in Bangkok, Thailand. As a proud sponsor of the lab, NIC was honored to attend the event and support the establishment of this project.

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Image 2 – 4: Participants had the opportunity to socialize and exchange business cards before the ceremony started.

The lab is located at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in the Pulp and Paper Technology Building, providing a cutting-edge environment for scientific research. Prior to the ceremony, participants had the opportunity to socialize and exchange business cards, creating a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere for the event.

Prof. Yamamoto (left) and Dr. Mushtaq Memon (right) gave their heartfelt speech at the ceremony.

The ceremony was officially opened by Prof. Yamamoto Kazuo, the AIT Interim President, followed by a heartfelt speech from Mr. Hamanaka, the President of NIC.

Dr. Mushtaq Memon, Sub-Programme Coordinator of the UNEP Asia and the Pacific Office, joined the celebration and praised the collaboration between Japan and Thailand, encouraging everyone to learn from the Japanese scientific community.

Mr. OBA Yuichi, Deputy Chief of Mission from Embassy of Japan in Thailand

The ceremony was closed with congratulatory remarks from Mr. OBA Yuichi, the Deputy Chief of Mission from the Embassy of Japan in Thailand.

The ribbon cutting ceremony marked the official opening of the lab, followed by a group photo session.

Image 7 – Lab tour by Mr. Alvin to explain the functionality of the mercury analyzer the participants.

Mr. Alvin Chua, a representative from NIC, led a tour of the lab, showcasing the functionality of the MA-3000 and WA-5A, which were sponsored to the lab by NIC. The tour was attended by Mr. OBA Yuichi, Prof. Yamamoto Kazuo, Dr. Matsumura, and his team.

Group photo before the ceremony ended.

The opening ceremony of IDEA R&D Laboratory was a success, and it is a promising facility that will contribute to advancing research and benefiting many people. We are proud to have supported this important project and look forward to its continued success.