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Coax Group Corporation Hosts Visit from IDEA Consultants for Hg CENIC Tour

Bangkok, Thailand – Coax Group Corporation welcomed a delegation from IDEA Consultants, led by the executive director of the board and chair of the IDEA R&D Center, Dr. Matsumura.

The visit aimed to provide Dr. Matsumura and his team with a comprehensive understanding of Coax’s facilities and capabilities in advance of the IDEA R&D Laboratory opening ceremony in AIT. The delegation was joined by Mr. Saito from UNEP ROAP, who was also interested in exploring the potential for collaboration between the organizations.

During the tour, Mr. Alvin Chua provided in-depth information about Coax’s Hg Centre of Excellence (CENIC), which is divided into three sections. CENIC 1 features mercury analyzers such as the MA-3000, MA-3 Solo, and WA-5A, and CENIC 2 is dedicated to aqueous and air analysis, with the RA Series and AM-6F located there. CENIC 3 serves as a sample preparation room.

Mr. Pongsathorn, the chairman of Coax, also took the time to showcase Coax’s organizational structure and additional facilities, highlighting their commitment to providing technical support to IDEA’s team. Dr. Matsumura and Mr. Saito expressed their gratitude for the comprehensive tour and were pleased to learn about Coax’s capabilities and technical expertise.

This visit marks a promising start to the partnership between Coax Group Corporation and IDEA Consultants, and serves as a testament to Coax’s commitment to delivering world-class support to their customers in South East Asia.