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NIC’s Preventive Measures against Spread of Novel Coronavirus


In response to the State of Emergency Declaration by the government against the spread of Novel Coronavirus infection, to ensure the safety of its customers first of all, and in consideration of the health of its own employees, NIC carries out the following preventive measures against the infection:

• NIC, in principle, prohibits its employees from traveling overseas.
• NIC does not receive any visitors to its facilities for the time being.
• NIC has changed its employees’ working styles by adopting working systems such as staggered office hours or telecommuting.

Requests to customers
Our production lines are in operation, as usual; however, the delivery may be delayed due to possible material procurement problems in the future. In such a case, we will provide notice of the situation on our website as earlier as possible.
Furthermore, this spread of novel coronavirus infection is causing an impact on the distribution system, too, and, thus, the delivery may take a longer time than usual in some countries/regions. We apologize for any inconvenience and trouble this may cause you and appreciate your understanding in advance.

It is highly unlikely that our products or their packages would increase the risk of infection of a novel coronavirus. At this moment, there is not anything that serves as evidence of the infection from the products and packages.


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